Person Sheet

Name Ann Atkinson513, A325
Birth 1819, Manchester, Lancashire, England202
Census 1861, Bradford, Lancashire, England202
1 Hugh Torrance513,202, T652
Birth 1824, Stockport, Cheshire, England202,514
Occupation Weaver 1841, Shopkeeper & Cotton Weaver 1861202,515
Father Jno Torrance (1776-)
Mother Elizabeth (1796-)
Marriage Dec 31, 1843516
Children William Atkinson (1845-<1903)
George J. (1859-)
Elizabeth (~1854-)
Notes for Ann Atkinson
Research Notes: I am trying to establish the link between Ann Atkinson above and the Atkinson people below whom I believe are also some relation.

A William Atkinson is listed on the Trafalgar Roll – 21st October 1805, Rank: AB, Ship: Achilles, Other clasps: 17 June 1795. Copies of letters he wrote to his mother have been passed down in our family. They are transcribed below:

November 26, 1778

To Mr. John Atkinson
??? nnton Lane Manchester

Son and daughter this comes with my love to you both and shall always be glad to hear of your well doing and I would have you write to your father for he has been in Avery ___ way this 2 years past. You sisters are all well. Ester has married to the Cro???? And has one child. John Charnick gives his love to you and his in the Chanel for going. I have sent your wife a ribbon which I beg she will accept all from your affectionate mother in-law, Mary Atkinson.

July 4, 1798 Liverpool
Dear Mother I write to you hoping this will find you in good health as I am at present. I write to you to let you know that I am now bound to the coast of Africa to highland of Aberrees. I let you the name of the ship is Agreeable two pound a month. The ship lies in the magazine and is going to sail in two hours. We shall be back in ten months. Send a letter and direct to Ni4 custom house Wint write when you will and it will be kept safe till I come back. This comes from your affectionate son William Atkinson
Eal?? Atkinson

??? in the 17th1804 Of Toulon
Dear Mother I take this opportunity to inform you that I received your letter on the 6th day of February and I understand you received the money I sent. I received yours at Bristol but got impressed and sent to Plymouth on board the Renown of 74 Goins?? And sailed for the Gibraltar in November where we have been kept ever since. This is the first opportunity I have had to write since I received your letter as we are always at sea cruising?? for the French fleet of ???? When you write again, direct for Gibraltar or else ware inform me how things is going on in Manchester when you write attain to me or whether there is any talk of peace or what you think of it so no more at present from you affectionate son William Atkinson

November 30, 1805 Cawson bay Plymouth
Honored Mother.
This comes with my kind love to you and my sister hoping to find you in good health as these few lines leave? Me at present thank god for it. I write to inform you that we were in the late action with the French and Spanish fleets of Cadiz on the 21 of October the Enemy fleet ??? to Lenard?? of us in the order of battle consisting of thirty three sail of the _____ four frigates & two brigs in all 40 sail or fleet consisted of 27 sail of the line 4 frigates. The action begun at 12 of the clock and continued till 5 o'clock we are 15 killed and 47 wounded we took and destroyed 22 sail of the line. Lord Nelson was killed in the action. I have just arrived in Plymouth I have received no letter since I have been on board the Achille of 74 guns all though I have wrote several. Please remember me to my Aunt Ann and all inquiring friends so no ore at present from your affectionate son William Atkinson.

The following people are referred to in the letters we have saved in our family:
A John Atkinson lived in Manchester in 1778– he was married to (Unknown)
His mother was named Mary
He had a sister Ester
A possible relative John Charnock (see ** below) is mentioned in a letter from Mary Atkinson to her son John.

Elizabeth Atkinson married Abraham Walton in 1780
Possibly parents or grandparents of the people listed below who lived in Halifax and were probably adults in 1844:

Abraham Walton
Robert Walton
Nathaniel Walton
Elizabeth _______
Mary Rumsbottom

Nathaniel Walton addressed as cousin a man named William Atkinson who lived in Manchester in 1836 - 1844 - possible wife Alice – this may be the same man as William (above) who fought at Trafalgar or could be a son or other relative of his.

** These people were some relation of a John Charnock who moved to Baltimore, in the US and apparently there was a question about his estate. The people listed with Abraham Walton were trying to collect documents to prove their relation to him in 1815 & 1844. I don't know what ever became of this. The Charnock estate was being discussed through letters in 1815, 1836 and 1844

some records I have located relating to this matter are transcribed below:

In the Orphans court of Baltimore in America
In Re: Charnock

Notice is hereby given that all the claims transmitted to the Orphan's Court of Baltimore in the United states of America which had been received and investigated by the said Court up to the first day of June last part on account of the above estate have been considered insufficient in point of proof on the part of the ______ claimants who have presented the respective claims thereto.

And notice is hereby given that further time is allowed for receiving improved testimonies from all or any of the claimants who have already presented their claims of from any new claimant of claimants account thereof.

Mr. Caton solicitor Lancaster
Extracted from the Lancaster Gazette of September 16th 1815.

Mr. William Atkinson
No. 1 Joiner Street
Back Blackey Street

Halifax February 12, 1844

Sir, no doubt you will be surprised at receiving a letter from us but the reason of my writing is I have received a letter from my sister Mary at Leeds say that there has been a party at Leeds trying to see after the property and things at Baltimore and their lawyer was found and that they are not toe proper ones and he as dropped the correspondence al together and we have thought proper to Let you know and we the concern t several respectable people and they seem to think that the property will be very fancy if it is properly seen after there fore we shall if you will send us a copy f the advertisement of the late Mr. Charnock and then all information that you possible can and we will into get a copy of the will of the late Mr Charnock and you must send us the name of the lawyer that handles the oat Lancaster as we ____ a particular friend of ours that is going to Lancaster in the course of a few days and then he can make all inquiries there at the layer . Therefore I hope and trust that you will give us al the information you possibly can as there shall be no neglect on our part as we are determined to ______ and end of the concern altogether and it shall not be for the want of money that will hold us back as we are all in one mind therefore do not neglect to send us a copy f the advertisement of other wise send word where we are to get it and y so doing you will greatly oblige yours.
Mr. Atkinson Please write back by _______ of post as the gentleman is going to Lancaster in a few days we all ______ in our kind love and respect to you and Mrs. Atkinson.

Abraham Walton
Robert Walton
Nathaniel Walton
Elizabeth _______
Mary Rubsbottom
Plus to direct for Albraham Walton
Bull Claus Halifax

Mr. William Atkinson
1 Joiner Street
Back Blakely Street

Halifax September 18th, 1836
Dear Cousin,
We received your kind letter of the 15th inst and were happy in finding you all in good health which this also leaves us at present. We have sent you a copy of the two registers sent us by Mr. Caton in 1815. These are all we have in our possession. Should the register of the Marriage of Abraham Walton and Elizabeth Atkinson be required, they were married at Leeds. When you write next, state whether we may procure the marriage lines or not. If the original letters are requisite of which you have here the copies we can sent them when you desire, your encouraging letter has raised our spirits and this time we are determined to persevere. Any information which you may want we will give you the best in our power.
Please give our kind love to Alice, from your Affectionate Cousin
Nathaniel Walton

Possible Connections:

Marriage: 20 JAN 1811  
Hindley, Lancashire, England

29 MAY 1780 
Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Christening: 28 JUN 1857  
Brampton Bierlow, Yorkshire, England

Christening: 10 NOV 1820  
Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Mother: MARY

Strongly Possible relations
1851 England Census Record
(ED, County)
Birth Place
Save This

John Atkinson
Great Bolton, Lancashire
Lancashire, England, Bolton

Rachael Atkinson
Great Bolton, Lancashire
Lancashire, England, Bolton

William Atkinson
Great Bolton, Lancashire
Yorkshire, England, Leeds
Publican - Crown Inn

Wm Atkinson
Great Bolton, Lancashire
Yorkshire, England, Leeds
father flax dresser

Hannah Grierson
Great Bolton, Lancashire
Yorkshire, England, Leeds
sister in law

Pheade Quinn
Great Bolton, Lancashire
Lancashire, England, Liverpool
Female Servant - House Servant
Street: Deansgate
Township of Great bolton, St. Peters Church

Christening: 31 JAN 1819  
Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Mother: SARAH
Marriage: 31 DEC 1815  
Manchester, Lancashire, England
Messages: Form submitted by a member of the LDS Church.

William Atkinson aged 22 (in 1805) born in Manchester, Lancashire, England.
Ship: HMS Achille
Rank/Rating: Able Seaman
Service details 
Comments: From: HMS Renown
HMS Achille
Ship's pay book number: (SB 474)
16 May 1805 to 8 August 1815 (Was at Trafalgar)
Rank/rating: Able Seaman
Comments: Discharged 8 Aug 1815 from the service.
(birth approx 1783)

Civil parish:Oxton and Woodchurch
Ecclesiatical parish:St Saviour
Source information:
Registration district:Birkenhead
Sub-registration district:Tranmere
ED, institution, or vessel:12
Page:11 (click to see others on page)
Household schedule number:62
GSU Number:543005

William Atkinson Male
Christening: 05 JAN 1783  
Of, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Father: Edward Atkinson
Mother:Mary Walker
Record submitted by a member of the LDS Church. The record often shows the name of the individual and his or her relationship to a descendant, shown as the heir, family representative, or relative. The original records are not indexed, and you may have to look at the film frame-by-frame to find the information you want. A family group record for this couple may be in the Family Group Record Collection; Archive Section. (See the Family History Library Catalog for the film number.) These records are alphabetical by name of the father or husband.

Source Information:
Film Number:178022
Page Number: 85
Reference number:2570

William <ATKINSON>
Christening: 05 JAN 1783  
Manchester, Lancashire, England
Father: Edward Atkinson
Mother: Mary Walker Atkinson
Record submitted by a member of the LDS Church.
Source Information:
Film Number: 178094
Page Number: 987
Reference number: 34279

Robert Walton age 40 in 1841 Cloth Dresser
Sarah Walton age 40
Rachel 14
John 12
George 8
Nathaniel 5
Notes for Hugh (Spouse 1)
A likely brother, George Torrance lives a few doors away:
George Torrance Head age 32 Cotton Weaver born Cheshire, Stockport
Mary wife age 32 born Ireland
Elizabeth daughter age 5 born Lancashire Bradford
Margaret daughter age 2 born Lancashire Bradford

A Niece
Elizabeth A. Mellor born about 1850, Chorlton Upon M, Lancashire, England lived at the home and worked as a servant

Also in Bradford was listed a possible relative:
John Torrance
Birth: 1820 - Stockport, Cheshire, England
Civil: Bradford
Residence: 1861 - St Peter, Bradford, Yorkshire, England
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