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Poems by Ruth Torrance Ryan
The place has possibilities as everyone has said
“ The place has possibilities” they say and nod their heads
With every nod of every head I sadly must agree
For I find this possibility has turned out to be me!
It’s possible to redecorate, recover and re-glue
Refinish & refurbish or re-do and do and do
The papers falling from the wall
The ceiling has a crack;
The floors are only half-way scraped
And oh my aching back….
The center hall would have élat with murals on the wall
But first I have to mend the slat thru which a child might fall!
The windows should be curtained, yes, all forty-five or six-
But first I have to open them – the forty-one that stick!
A fireplace would be so nice upon the parlor wall
And on and on and on and on but neighbor that ain’t all!
Come out into my garden, again you’ll hear them say
“ The place has possibilities” cause neighbor, that is hay.
By Ruth Torrance Ryan
Dear Elsie Tinker, THANK YOU,
The memory’s just great,
Just to be in character,
The thank you, also late.
This is the high point of the year
When Marion heads north,
When Samantha calls the Lehns,
I’m ready to set forth.
Oh Elsie you’re a wonder,
Helena you’re a whiz,
Twixt you, you have made a place
That really, truly is
A little piece of heaven,
Among the emerald hills.
Where every prospect pleases,
And often, downright thrills.
Your garden lore’s prodigious,
Those vegetables sublime
(With Barbara’s hand to help you
to cherish leaf and vine.)
Your kitchen’s justly famous,
Though calories galore
Have made weight watchers black list,
From shore to shining shore.
Your house and hearth’s so cozy,
The hearts of friends so warm,
The wild-life so enchanting,
To leave makes one forlorn.
Farewell to Jan and Nanny,
To one and all say Hi!
One lives but ‘til the next time
The Sunset Cliffs are nigh.
So let me say, dear Elsie,
I hope you know it’s true,
From the bottom of my heart,
I truly do THANK YOU.
By Ruth Torrance Ryan

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