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I am writing this post to talk myself through a project I need to finish before December 12 (today is the 4th), but it takes several steps and needs a careful proofreading by my aunt. I made a book as a Christmas gift for my aunt last year. It was kind of a surprise, although […]

I have been a bad blogger – but a busy and productive scrapper, card maker, sewist (so much more appealing than the other name sewing enthusiasts have “sewer”), and mom. I never did make a post about this, but I meant to! For Mother’s Day, when I was planning to visit my mother-in-law briefly before […]

Despite being absent from blog world, I have been VERY busy and happily productive at home, with a few things to share in the realm of family history. Three different distant relatives of my Johnson – Sayles – Sanders branch of the family from Wythe County Virginia have contacted me in the last few weeks, […]

I can’t even remember when I last sat down to make a post, but I haven’t been idle – I’ve been busy making memory gifts, set up a little store – Memory Lane Cottage on ebay, and nearly finished my 2006 photo scrapbook of family memories. This year’s Christmas gifts in the Memory Lane category […]

My boys are out of school this Thursday and Friday for Teacher’s Convention, so I decided to have an overnight visit with Grandma.  For the last few years, our visits have been limited to family holiday gatherings, so it was nice to just have quiet time alone and I helped Grandma with clearing out a […]

Yesterday we celebrated my Grandma’s 87th birthday, and I brought her the new videos of my Dad.  She really liked them and most importantly didn’t sit and start crying or anything, so I was glad I brought them.  I originally put off scanning the new photos I got because I needed to take care of […]

Since I last wrote I have a few updates. First, the video I posted on YouTube of Dad’s friends on the way to Woodstock has already led some of his friends to me, even though I made no mention of his name at all with the video. One of Dad’s old friends just happened to […]

As you can see, my blog is new, and I’ve had quite a bit of growing pains while atttempting to create a second WordPress Blog, move the old blog over, manage both of the blogs, etc.  My biggest fear was that I would wind up losing both of the blogs have to start over.  Fear […]

I’ve had two big happenings today in the world of my digital family archives. First, due to a mounting sense of panic about my computer, I have been unable to back up for 3 weeks, due to the large size of several digital videos I imported, I have begun the work of editing the videos, […]

I have always taken care of my pictures, and for many years, as part of my family history research I have always asked relatives for photos and memorabilia to share. Many times someone will pull out their box and I’ll find some priceless goodies – a stack of funeral programs, old pictures, letters.  I ask […]

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