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(includes earlier clipping about Tom’s 81st birthday) On Feb 2 Tom Sims of Charlotte celebrated his 81st birthday with is family at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Salley Davis __ Shuman Ave in Charlotte. Mr. Sims also has a son, Phil Sims of Harrisburg, Pa., three grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. Funeral Services for […]

Mrs. Sarah Welch Love died yesterday at her home, 83 Hazzard street, at the age of 103 years. She had been ill one week. Born in Jackson county April 18, 1845, she had resided in Asheville for 85 years. Surviving are a son, Robert P. Love; eight grandchildren; four great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. Funeral Arrangements […]

Today I have the honor of being featured in a profile story in the Living section of our local Sunday paper, the Asheville Citizen-Times. It’s been an enlightening process. The interviewer read my name in a press release about the new online digital access to slave deeds in Buncombe County. She checked out my website, […]

A hastily arranged research trip, barely planned, in fact. It could have had a disappointing outcome. However, I struck genealogy gold! A collection of court depositions by acquaintances and relatives of my ancestors, sharing details of their lives during slavery in order to prove their relationships. Here is the story of that discovery…

I was first inspired to write about our old home in May of 2007 when Jasia of CreativeGene asked for blog submissions about a family home. In general, I’d say most of our family homes were modest at best, but we once lived in a beautiful old home that also had a great story! I […]

This post is written for participation in the blog carnival Cabinet of Curiosities, 10th Edition “Bring me your weird, your wonderful, your hidden items yearning to be seen!” Show and tell for grown ups, Cabinet of Curiosities is a celebration of the oddities and marvels of natural history, anthropology, archaeology and historic interest that reside […]

This past May 17, 2008 I was thrilled to attend the 150th Anniversary Celebration of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Washington DC. The story of how I came to be there is an interesting example of how the internet brings about real-life connections. In 1997, I attended the Carter-Wooling-Gwyn Family Reunion, my first time attending […]

This post is written for the 5th Edition Smile for the Camera on the blog Shades of the Departed. We were asked for submissions on someone’s Crowning Glory, and I immediately thought of this picture. I didn’t know till later that the post probably should have been more brief – but the story started pouring […]

footnoteMaven, who keeps a lovely blog of pictures and the stories that belong to them at Shades of the Departed asked us to choose our favorite photograph for the 4th edition of her blog carnival Smile for the Camera. This is my first time participating in this carnival and when thinking about my many favorites, […]

When I read about the topic for this month’s Carnival of Genealogy, I came up blank.  I know many families share stories and lore about the family car.  I seem to have come from a family that barely drove! My mother’s mother “Grammie” lived her whole life (1922 – 1993) having never had a license […]