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Today I have the honor of being featured in a profile story in the Living section of our local Sunday paper, the Asheville Citizen-Times. It’s been an enlightening process. The interviewer read my name in a press release about the new online digital access to slave deeds in Buncombe County. She checked out my website, […]

I was first inspired to write about our old home in May of 2007 when Jasia of CreativeGene asked for blog submissions about a family home. In general, I’d say most of our family homes were modest at best, but we once lived in a beautiful old home that also had a great story! I […]

In February of 1972, I lived with my parents and my sister and several of my Dad’s Black Forest Rhodes bandmates and their families (and our Great Dane) in a large mansion named Seven Gables in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. On the back of photos of the house, my mom had written “Cottage Hill” (more about this […]

This post is written for the 5th Edition Smile for the Camera on the blog Shades of the Departed. We were asked for submissions on someone’s Crowning Glory, and I immediately thought of this picture. I didn’t know till later that the post probably should have been more brief – but the story started pouring […]

When I read about the topic for this month’s Carnival of Genealogy, I came up blank.  I know many families share stories and lore about the family car.  I seem to have come from a family that barely drove! My mother’s mother “Grammie” lived her whole life (1922 – 1993) having never had a license […]

Oh, how to explain – I have been so busy researching and talking family history (and getting photos, scanning, etc.) that I haven’t been blogging! However, I finally converted some more of my Woodstock era footage and have posted it on YouTube I guess I might attempt to write up several small posts about my […]

I have a little bit of back story about this find, so here goes… Over the years of my asking everyone I know who was alive in Kearny “back in the day” if they have photos of my family, many people have mentioned one particular guy to me. “…he was always around, always had his […]

My boys are out of school this Thursday and Friday for Teacher’s Convention, so I decided to have an overnight visit with Grandma.  For the last few years, our visits have been limited to family holiday gatherings, so it was nice to just have quiet time alone and I helped Grandma with clearing out a […]

Yesterday we celebrated my Grandma’s 87th birthday, and I brought her the new videos of my Dad.  She really liked them and most importantly didn’t sit and start crying or anything, so I was glad I brought them.  I originally put off scanning the new photos I got because I needed to take care of […]

When I came home this evening, I had two surprises waiting for me. First in my mail box was a nice bundle of pictures from my Dad’s ex-girlfriend Linda, Eden’s mother, with pictures spanning a huge range of years, and many that I needed to help complete my collection. For one thing, I had not […]

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