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This post is written for the 78th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: Pony Pictures! hosted by Jasia of Creative Gene. We were invited to share some pony pictures from our collection. I had two lovely photos I was happy to share. Thanks again Jasia for your work! This is my father-in-law, Lou Mitchell, Jr. […]

I am writing this post to talk myself through a project I need to finish before December 12 (today is the 4th), but it takes several steps and needs a careful proofreading by my aunt. I made a book as a Christmas gift for my aunt last year. It was kind of a surprise, although […]

As a neglectful blogger, I am very grateful for the inspiration I have found by participating in two Blog Carnivals: namely the Carnival of Genealogy, and more recently Smile for the Camera (links coming – Carnival site is down). Even though I have 14 posts saved up to write, I actually got off my duff […]

This post is written for the 5th Edition Smile for the Camera on the blog Shades of the Departed. We were asked for submissions on someone’s Crowning Glory, and I immediately thought of this picture. I didn’t know till later that the post probably should have been more brief – but the story started pouring […]

footnoteMaven, who keeps a lovely blog of pictures and the stories that belong to them at Shades of the Departed asked us to choose our favorite photograph for the 4th edition of her blog carnival Smile for the Camera. This is my first time participating in this carnival and when thinking about my many favorites, […]

Oh, how to explain – I have been so busy researching and talking family history (and getting photos, scanning, etc.) that I haven’t been blogging! However, I finally converted some more of my Woodstock era footage and have posted it on YouTube I guess I might attempt to write up several small posts about my […]

Well, I’ve been gone, but hopefully not forgotten. I don’t know what it is that keeps me from just taking a few minutes to sit and write, but hopefully this post will usher in a new period of faithful and regular blogging. I have not been researching much recently, despite several weeks of intense research […]

I have been a bad blogger – but a busy and productive scrapper, card maker, sewist (so much more appealing than the other name sewing enthusiasts have “sewer”), and mom. I never did make a post about this, but I meant to! For Mother’s Day, when I was planning to visit my mother-in-law briefly before […]

I have a little bit of back story about this find, so here goes… Over the years of my asking everyone I know who was alive in Kearny “back in the day” if they have photos of my family, many people have mentioned one particular guy to me. “…he was always around, always had his […]

I can’t even remember when I last sat down to make a post, but I haven’t been idle – I’ve been busy making memory gifts, set up a little store – Memory Lane Cottage on ebay, and nearly finished my 2006 photo scrapbook of family memories. This year’s Christmas gifts in the Memory Lane category […]

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