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Archive for August, 2006

In this latest burst of activity mostly around my dad’s website, I’ve heard back from the two bars he used to frequent and they are both willing to post flyers and maybe include a link to my site, received an email reply from a man who mentioned my dad in a post to the Jaco […]

On Thursday, one of my Dad’s oldest friends, Frank Wildemann came to visit me, bringing pictures, notebooks, and stories to share. I was pissed because I discovered that morning that my digital camera was broken! Of all things! I would never bother with a camera phone shot, who knows where my film camera is or […]


I have gotten only a few emails back from friends who are featured in my photo display, but all of the responses have been very positive. I also sent out several calls to old college friends, none of whom have responded. I don’t know if I should be offended or just chalk it up to […]

I have decided to seperate my personal blog (in which I more freely vent on every topic of life) from this new blog, which I will devote to Archiving, Family History and related research, and Creative Photo Projects. I was thrilled to learn last night about a new website which John Fox shared on his […]

I haven’t posted in over a week – but it’s been a solid week of activity – and I’m feeling so good about the project I just finished! Last night (although I was up till 3:30 and I’m going to pay for that later) I finished cataloging my entire collection of my Dad’s music. I […]