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Archive for October, 2006

Yesterday we celebrated my Grandma’s 87th birthday, and I brought her the new videos of my Dad.  She really liked them and most importantly didn’t sit and start crying or anything, so I was glad I brought them.  I originally put off scanning the new photos I got because I needed to take care of […]

When I came home this evening, I had two surprises waiting for me. First in my mail box was a nice bundle of pictures from my Dad’s ex-girlfriend Linda, Eden’s mother, with pictures spanning a huge range of years, and many that I needed to help complete my collection. For one thing, I had not […]

In 2004, I took a trip with my Grandma down to Wytheville, VA. Her ancestors were once slaves for the white families nearby, her mother Addie Johnson was born there, and Grandma’s Aunts Ossie & Leon still both live within a block of each other. Not far from Wytheville, in an area I have seen […]

Trip’s uncle Jay is moving away and is rather estranged from the rest of his family. I was really concerned that he would leave and we would have no way to contact him at all. Already, the only way I can reach him is to walk to his house. I went dropped by to see […]

Since I last wrote I have a few updates. First, the video I posted on YouTube of Dad’s friends on the way to Woodstock has already led some of his friends to me, even though I made no mention of his name at all with the video. One of Dad’s old friends just happened to […]

My cousin Leonard is really hooking us up. He is in possession of a huge quantity of photos of the Wooling, Gwyn, and Greenleaf families. Yesterday I got an email from him sharing the 3rd of 4 batches of photos he has uploaded to Kodak Easy Share Galleries. Every one of them has been remarkable. […]

As you can see, my blog is new, and I’ve had quite a bit of growing pains while atttempting to create a second WordPress Blog, move the old blog over, manage both of the blogs, etc.  My biggest fear was that I would wind up losing both of the blogs have to start over.  Fear […]