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Archive for September, 2008

This past May 17, 2008 I was thrilled to attend the 150th Anniversary Celebration of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Washington DC. The story of how I came to be there is an interesting example of how the internet brings about real-life connections. In 1997, I attended the Carter-Wooling-Gwyn Family Reunion, my first time attending […]

I wrote this post for Terry Thornton’s Getting to Know You writing challenge at Hill Country of Monroe County . Thanks Terry! I am a 38 year old woman, the eldest of 3 sisters, grew up in New Jersey as the child of hippie parents. I am married with 3 sons, and now live in […]

As a neglectful blogger, I am very grateful for the inspiration I have found by participating in two Blog Carnivals: namely the Carnival of Genealogy, and more recently Smile for the Camera (links coming – Carnival site is down). Even though I have 14 posts saved up to write, I actually got off my duff […]