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I’m a family historian and professional organizer, living in Asheville, NC with my husband and three sons.

I’m here to share my love of family history, organizational skills and tools, and my experience as a family historian and digital archivist. On this blog you will find:

  • Stories about my own and my husband’s extended families.
  • Stories about Asheville’s African American families and community organizations
  • Anything related to family history or any of my other interests!

I enjoy arts and crafts of many kinds including card making, quilling, scrapbooking, genealogy, calligraphy, mosaic, crochet, painting, sewing & hand embroidering. In my work I have developed strong skills in photo organization and digital restoration, database management, writing, research, people finding, movie editing, and homekeeping administration. I have been researching my family history with growing intensity since I was about 18 years old.

Now I have about 3000 people in my tree, and about 700 living relatives, many of whom I now keep in intermittent contact with through my website. I’m never shy about asking anyone to share photos, funeral cards, or what have you. And it’s paid off! It seems I now have a steady stream of memorabilia of all kinds coming to my home from many different sources, and I do my best to preserve it, digitally store the precious stuff, share it with my cousins, integrate it into the family tree on the web.

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  1. on 11 Mar 2007 at 6:37 pm Bill Ives

    I enjoyed looking at your blog and have added it to the list of interesting genealogy blogs on my own two new genealogy blogs. Even though we are not writing about the same families, I find it interesting to see what others are doing. For the past two years I have written a blog on business applications of the web. Recently, I started two genealogy blogs to share the extensive family history research I did two years ago. At first I just shared it with my cousins. A blog seems a great way to reach a broader audience.

    One is the Ives Family History Blog, covering my father’s family going back to William Ives, co-founder of New Haven, as well as those who married into the family (e.g., Bassett, Dickerman, Yale, Atwater, Peck, Cooper, Day, Humiston, Bishop, Dunbar, Rich and others).

    The other is Sharp Family in NC covering the history of the Sharp family of Harrellsville, North Carolina. My grandmother is a Sharp from Harrellsville. It also covers some of the families who married into the Sharp family (e.g., Winbourne, Hare, Parker, Powell).

    For both blogs, I am also doing brief histories of where they lived and travel tips for the locations.

    I would be very interested in any feedback you might have. I plan to take on my mother’s side with some new blogs after I see how these work. If you think these blogs might interest your readers, links to them would be greatly appreciated. Here are the links to my genealogy blogs

    Ives Family History Blog

    Sharp Family in NC

    Thanks, Bill Ives

  2. on 21 Apr 2008 at 12:22 pm LINDSAY

    We are interested in speaking to you about your you tube stuff on Woodstock!
    Contact me?


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