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I am no poster child for optimum health, but the information on the following sites is particularly inspirational to me, and I feel it is based on sound science and common sense. There are a lot of fads and (to me) half baked ideas out there in regards to healthy diet, but I'm aiming for a diet based on whole grains, fruits and vegetables and supplemented with high quality proteins and healthy fats, and vigorous exercise including weight training a few days a week. To me that would be ideal, but my reality is that I struggle with a long time addiction to sugar, over consumption of refined flours, a lack of quality protein, and not nearly enough exercise. At least I know what I'm aiming for. Enjoy browsing! Here's to your health!

  • HealthNet Online - full of information on a wealth of topics
  • Health & Yoga - Yoga for beginners with lots of guides for specific conditions.
  • Disease Incubation Chart - I was relieved to find this chart after I realized my children might have exposed others to strep throat. It lists many common childhood diseases and their signs and incubation times.
  • Dr. Weil - To be perfectly honest, I think he looks a bit on the heavy side, but maybe he's like me - he knows what to do, just has a bit of trouble following through.
  • Greenleafy - This site sells a bright colorful food chart and yoga chart for families
  • Jorge Cruise - Author of 8 Minutes in the Morning, he suggests starting the morning with strength training to make your muscles work harder (and burn more calories) all throughout the day
  • Stepping Stone Pediatrics - Our Pediatrician's Office - I like both the doctors in this bright friendly and cheerful, paperless office.
  • Dr. Schulze's Official Website - I was introduced to Dr. Schulze by my former pediatrician, who recommended his echinacea as a superior product. I have come to truly believe in the excellence of his products and the truth of his message, even if he comes off kind of schlocky. He sells great products. My favorites: Superfood, Air Purifier (air freshener), Super Tonic, Echinacea.

I am not a vegetarian and I don't call myself one, because although some people don't realize this - eating fish & seafood disqualifies you from calling yourself vegetarian!!! I don't eat any pig, chicken, cow or other animals because I am really disgusted with factory farming and the suffering of those animals, but for me it's not the same with fish and seafood, although I feel like it would be much better ecologically if I stopped eating that and all dairy as well. I am also not a vegan, because although I don't drink milk - I still do eat cheese and ice cream sometimes, and I eat eggs. I try to only buy organic dairy and eggs - because I don't want the hormones and I believe that those animals are better treated. This is a tricky subject for me, because I grew up eating meat and dairy and I have several different reasons about why I limit or avoid one thing or another. Here are some sites I enjoyed related to healthy diets.

  • Food Co-Ops - This page lists a directory of Food Co-Ops for the country and the world, but unfortunately they don't include those that don't have web sites. A food co-op is when a group of people buy directly from a wholesale distributor. It's how we afford foods that are really too pricey for us that we see at the health food store.
  • Ocean Grove Organics Food Co-Op - This is the food co-op buying club that I administer. I place orders every four weeks, collected from my members via phone and email. The food is wholesale plus 10% (generally 20% off or more from prices in a health food store). The order is delivered by truck, sorted by me, and picked up by my members.
Caloric needs calculator
This is a cool calculator where you can input your height, weight, age and activity level to get your Caloric Needs. Then go to their Nutritional Needs Calculator to find out how many grams of Carbohydrates, Protein, & Fats you should be aiming for.

This site lets you keep a diary of foods and calculates the nutritional info for you!



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