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2002 July 2005

Here's the latest photo of our house. Looking much improved! I made my own awning curtains - I copied off a design I saw on a house down the street. I used the lid of a Chinese Food Soup bowl to mark the scallops, and I used PVC pipe and C-clamps to hang it. The fabric is outdoor canvas - which I bought on sale at the Rag Shop - the hardware cost was under $10. In the front are azaleas, hydrangeas blue pansies & petunias are in the hanging baskets and flower boxes. The porch is my favorite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

The Sewing Room Before

sewing room

This is a picture I created out of two different pictures of my sewing room. It shows the North, West and South walls left to right: My back door would be immediately to the left in thie picture along the left wall. Then my book shelf with the cubby box on it, my treasured Bernina 1530, with a Horn Table that I was able to buy used at a great price. I finally got my serger out for use, and I'm holding fast to my promise to myself, not to pile anything on any part of my table. In the old picture I had a big pressing table, that was really a clutter magnet. Now I have a 5 drawer file cabinet. It used to be putty colored, but I painted it white to match my washer and dryer. Some of the details are shown below:

This is an old box that my grandfather gave me - it used to be a training tool at the US Post Office, where grandpa worked for many years. It has Buttons in the top row, threads in the second, embroidery flosses in the third, and miscellaneous jars below.

This is the south wall, with plastic bins of fabric on the top two shelves. Here you can see threads, trims, buttons, and my self of sentimental stuff. Underneath, there is a ribbon collection.
Sewing Room

My antique hanky curtain

Our living room - facing west 2002
Our living room - facing east

The kitchen (with the beautiful double sink our buddy Glen found at the curb with the faucet attached!)

Dad wallpapered our kitchen and installed the wainscotting. I painted our cabinets and papered the insides to match.

hall tree

Our family tree on the stairwell wall. This entire hallway was
gutted, insulated, re-sheetrocked and painted blue! (the window in the pic below would be to the left of this photo)

the bathroom before - after we took everything out.

Our upstairs hallway

The NEW bathroom! The floor is newly tiled and walls wallpapered (by me!) and our tub and wall tiles were re-surfaced. I also made our new shower curtain. We have lots more storage in our larger vanity sink. Soon the door and trim will be painted periwinkle blue.
My desk before - tucked in the corner. This space is now mostly taken up by the air return for the central air conditioning system.

The dining room

My desk

Here is my desk now. I love this desk! Inside it holds my printer, scanner, and a huge mess!

My Desktop
This has my Family Tree and my dearest family photos

Dining room

This was my dining room at my back when I sat at my desk


Trips office - before
during priming
The primer is on. Notice the missing door? I took the 2 tiny closets that backed up to each other and made one big one for the guest room. (And when I say "I", I mean when Nathan was a few weeks old, when ever he napped, I ran upstairs, took a hammer and a big crow bar and ripped out the wall with my bare hands, then re-built it and sheetrocked it myself - I'm very proud of that job...)

Trip's Wall Unit

Trip's Office June 2005
Trip's office July 9, 2005.
He's got a Golden Gecko in posh digs on his back desk.

Trip's Desk

Elliot & Alex's room - still hasn't been painted, but it's really one of our favorite rooms, so far. He has quite a set up! In the future, his bed will be the top of the bunk bed. They love playing on my old iMac


Here's my little patch of flowers on the day I planted them.

This is my front porch - my view from the wicker couch.

The guestroom in it's yucky stage

The guest room after! This is my favorite room. While I realize it is very girly, it is also soothing and quiet. It was gutted and insulated, re-sheetrocked and painted. It also now has a walk in closet after I got handy with the hammer and broke up the wall that used to separate two tiny closets.

Here is our friend Bob working on the bathroom "before" I never even took a picture of the old yellow tiled shower stall that was in here. I tore that old shower out! (with Trip's help), along with the wall to the bathroom (this would have been the right side door in the sewing room photo section East) I thought this job "simply" involved replacing the wall board afer removing the shower. Well, once we replaced the rotted wall studs & rotten floor joists & the mouse infested insulation, then repaired the foundation, repaired the broken sewer line and cleared out the crawlspace, and insulated the floor, we were ready to replace the wall board...

Here are 2 pics of the bath showing the throne & the sink cabinet and the pocket door. Bob & Chris did the stud repair, floor joists, & installed the pocket door & sheetrock, Pancho repaired the foundation, Tom repaired the plumbing, (so did Chris!), I taped & spackled, papered, installed wainscotting & painted, Trip & I trimmed the door with framing and installed the laminate floor, Trip cut & routed the counter top, I stained andd sealed it, Tom installed the sink & Trip installed the medicine cabinet, door hardware & lights! At last a working bath with a sink! A real team effort.

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